Our Vision

Grow current capability and deliver new technology to global markets

Our Mission

Provide, through sales and marketing, competitive and cost effective solutions while embracing and growing our core competencies and global partners

EMX International provides fixed and mobile systems, hybrid power generation and surveillance systems, with a focus on EO/IR, thermal imaging and other emerging hybrid power generation and sensor technologies. Our dedication is to providing innovative, integrated, and cost-effective solutions that safeguard critical infrastructure and resources for a customer base that includes OEMs, military operators, commercial operators, U.S. and foreign governments.
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EMX International also possesses a world-class mechanical design and fabrication team with CNC machining capability, metal fabrication and 3D printing for rapid designed and manufactured IP 67 rated camera enclosures that are in service from prototypes to Alaskan based systems. Our Design and Fabrication Team supports Fortune 500 companies and also provides a variety of rapid prototyping and first run production services for Clients.

Based in Melbourne, FL, on America's Space Coast, EMX International has the advantage of an excellent pool of professional talent. This talent develops and manufactures products that range from ruggedized commercial security assets to military-grade systems. These products include the Mobile Hybrid Power Trailer, aka Power Buffalo, to our Unattended Surveillance System that has support U.S. Military Forces in Afghanistan.

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